On Sat, Jan 08, 2011 at 01:33:45PM +0100, Chris Lukassen wrote:
> Don't think that will be a problem. The trunk of mactrek has a fix for
> the embedded server but still suffers a performance issue in the
> PainterFactory with backgrounds on a 2560x1600 display. If you have
> improvements in that area I would love to take them in.

	Is mactrek still tcp only or has this problem since been
	corrected?  If not, is udp support planned?


<zu22> i've talked with Jesus several times
<zu22> i even touched his robe
<zu22> and arch angels have appeared to me
<zu22> such as Gabriel and Michael
<zu22> they trained me in battling demons
<zu22> this was 2 years ago
<zu22> yeah i better not say anymore
<zu22> you guys aren't ready
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