I did not add anyone's name. It said it would invite friends from my Gmail
address book. It was clear it was only an invitation. If it did more than
that then it lied to me and is breaking the law. Sorry you were subscribed
but I had no idea it would do that. You can verify this by opening up a
throwaway email account through Gmail, signing up and selecting invite
friends option you will see it says it is only inviting them not adding
them. Then it apparently proceeds to subscribe every address. So I really
did not know this would happen. Sorry again. Seems this is bogus site but it
sure seemed legit.

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> No, I am not an academic/graduate student:
> http://academia.edu/Remove-Netrek-Mailing--netrek-dev-at-us.netrek.org--from-the-directory-of-academics
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