netrek-client-cow 3.3.1 was released, with some further user experience

netrek-client-cow is intended for use on Ubuntu, Linux, and other UNIX
systems that have the X Window System environment.

The changes are:

- support 800x600 pixel displays, such as small laptops and tablets,

- fix to cloaking animation sequence, explosion imagery rate, planet
  highlight timing, and info window timeout, which had all sped up as a
  result of servers moving to a higher update rate,

- show the number of players on a server using a row of character icons
  instead of a player count,

- correct several typographical errors, (thanks to contributions from
  Peter Pentchev and the Debian project),

- add build hardening for catching certain kinds of buffer overflow
  attacks, (Peter Pentchev again),
md5sum: b4f686e37b694050e701e4b36f605008

James Cameron
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