On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 04:31:31PM -0400, Dave Ahn wrote:
> I forgot to mention that I passed on our collective condolences from those
> of us who knew him through Netrek.  Mr. Damouth was grateful.  If you have
> anything you'd like to say, please post to this thread, and I will pass on
> the link to this thread to him later next week after people have responded.
>  Of course, you can respond privately and directly to the family - Google
> search for the contact info.


Thank you.

"So you know, cats are interesting.  They are kind of like girls.  If they
come and talk to you, it's great.  But if you try to talk to them it
doesn't always go so well."

- Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo game designer
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