On Wed, May 06, 2015 at 07:22:31PM -0400, iggyvolz . wrote:
> So I haven't been able to find the repository for the server code.
> Everything seems to point to http://www.netrek.org/repos/netrek-server,
> which 404's out.  Any way to get the repository itself, or has it been lost
> to time and therefore we must use the latest zipped version to start out
> from?

The repos are darcs, which are, by nature, distributed.  Anything
missing from netrek.org can be put back with a minimum of fuss.  I was
not aware that these were missing.  I've pinged James regarding it.

> On a side note - I'd be willing to maintain a GitHub repo for server code
> unless someone more experienced with the code wants to.

I would prefer to keep bits off of github if possible but that's just my
opinion which isn't worth much these days.

I don't know.  Just because we are stupid doesn't mean everybody else was.

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