I am pleased to announce the alpha release of the new Netrek MacOS client.  100% written in Swift!  A few screenshots below.

Here’s my webpage with info and the download: https://networkmom.net/netrek/ <https://networkmom.net/netrek/>

Here’s a direct link to the binary: netrek-alpha.zip <https://networkmom.net/download/netrek-alpha.zip>

The binary is signed by my Apple developer account, notarized by Apple, and uses “Apple’s hardened runtime” feature to protect you from malicious software.  The only access it requests is “outbound network connections”, which is obviously required to play.

The app requires MacOS 10.14 Mojave.

I am committed to making the source code freely available.  But hope you’ll forgive me for waiting until after Mac App Store approval before doing that.  The app will be free.  I’m hoping having it in the app store will get us some new players.

My next milestone is a beta “Mac app store candidate” release Friday March 21.

If anyone has a nice 80x80 .jpg set of ships that would be great.  I’ve removed ships which could be considered “Star Trek” copyright infringement.  But that’s left the fleet a bit sparse.  A new “yellow” fleet for the Federation is most needed.

I thank all the previous developers (particularly James for answering questions) and server maintainers.

Please send me feedback, even if it’s just “I played it and it pretty much worked” or “I played it and the 10fps was awful”.

For reference, Swift Netrek comes in at about 5000 lines of code (although it is not yet complete).  For comparison:

MacTrek: 31000 lines of source code
Gytha: 7650 lines
BRMH-2.4.0: 36000 lines of source code
COW-3.2.8: 52000 lines of source code

Current known issues:

	• Set login information needs to be toggled back and forth to trigger non-guest login.
	• Client may ignore your “preferred team"
	• Need to allow keymapping of all keys
	• A few commands may not be implemented (speed 11? speed 12?)
	• Player list needs more information
	• Experiment with position extrapolation to allow faster than 10fps updates (should make this a switch)
	• Improved 80x80 ship bitmaps
	• Need to review planet names and messages to avoid copyright infringement.
	• Select server still has my test server at hardcoded.  Need to remove that and allow login to arbitrary server.


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