netrek-dev folks,

I’m a week late, but my Mac Swift Netrek Client v0.5 is now available on <>
Direct binary link: <>
This binary is scanned/notarized by Apple and my developer ID.

Updates too numerous to list.

My thanks to Andrew Sillers for his CP_Updates suggestion.  Idle users don’t get Ghostbusted on <> any more.

I’m still stumped by team selection per my earlier email, and would appreciate any suggestions (preferably without implementing the “generic” packet type 32).

I have support for “basic tips” (in green) and “advanced tips” (in red) which cycle every 5 seconds when not playing (and can be turned off in preferences).  I’m happy to accept pointers to any “list of advanced tips” to further populate it.

Bug reports appreciated, but to avoid too much spam consider sending them only to me if they are not of general interest.

darrellroot AT <>

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