What: Netrek Empire Game
When: Thursday July 30th @ 6PM Pacific / 9PM Eastern (Today!)
Where: netrek.networkmom.net <http://netrek.networkmom.net/>

Backup server in case of instability: pickled.netrek.org <http://pickled.netrek.org/> (Bronco)

Netrek Empire mode:

Uses standard Bronco clients
All 4 teams active
Sufficient robots for minimum of 28 players (robots logoff as humans join)
When you join, you are randomly assigned a “home planet”
You spawn on whatever team controls the planet
If you want to refit ships, you need to do it at your individually assigned home planet.
When one empire controls 75% of the planets, they win.

As an empire gains planets, it gets more ships/players.  But it might be possible for the 3 other empires to stop a large empire from becoming dominant.
Due to the random assignment of players to planets, there is no guarantee that teams will start out even.

Windows issue:

Had a user running a Windows client last night who suffered client crashes every ~10 minutes.  I’d love to hear whether other Windows users also suffer that problem.  A stacktrace identifying the type of netrek packet which triggers the crash would be very helpful.

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