I’m pleased to announce that I grabbed a copy of Robert Temple’s old Java Netrek Client (JTrek) version 0.9.4 beta and have it _almost_ playable!

JTrek was written in 1997-1998 for Java version 1.2.  It took a bit of tender-loving-care, but I’ve got it imported into Eclipse, compiling, running against pickled.netrek.org <http://pickled.netrek.org/>, and _almost_ playable.  Github repository is https://github.com/netrek/JTrek <https://github.com/netrek/JTrek>    Check the releases section for the latest prebuilt runnable jar file.

The most visible problem right now is that all mouse clicks are torpedo clicks.  Laser or change-direction are not recognized (I think option-click worked for lasers though).  I’m confident I’ll have the mouse issues knocked out in a couple days (I’m not actually a Java programmer, this is a learning exercise for me).

Here’s a screenshot: https://postimg.cc/PNqxYcz1 <https://postimg.cc/PNqxYcz1>

I’ll update and announce more widely once I have it more playable.  I’m also happy to review and (hopefully) accept pull requests.


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