Last game saw a blow out....lets see if we can't make it more challenging
this time!

Wed., June 28th at 9:00 PM eastern/6:00 PM pacific -p 4566 / 4577 (4000/5000)

Continuous scoring will be used, with a planet differential of 1.5
needed to win in regulation (so should be easier for teams to force OT).
Again, if scores are within 1.5 of each other and one team ENDS regulation
with a 11-8-1 or better lead in actual planets (not continuous), then they
win...even if they are losing on continuous score!

For example, if the continuous score is 10.50 - 9.10 (for a difference of
1.40), but the team with the score of 9.10 makes a last minute push and
the final planet count at the end of regulation is 8-12-0, then they win!

-Kevin/Akira/Modem Tzu

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