Welcome fellow netrek players,
	The submission forms for the Spring 2001 WNL season are now open.
We appologize for the delay in getting the forms working and hope that it
hasn't dulled your appetite for exciting league games!
	Registration can be done through the WNL home page at :
www.netrek.org/wnl/.  Follow the "How to Join" link and the directions
provided thereafter.  In addition, you can check the updated rulebook to
see any of the changes made for the upcoming season.
	Registration for teams will be open immediately, with ONLY TWO
SHORT WEEKS given for registration!  So register now!  Players seeking
teams are free to register until the trade deadline (about the middle
of the season).  (If you have already registered your team or as a player
seeking a team, please email me directly to confirm that we have your
information - kbernatz at pitt.edu).
	Captains of teams will be required to fill out a short html form
detailing their team.
	Come register for the WNL!  Listen to what these famous athletes
have to say about their WNL experiences!

"The WNL was the place where I learned how to play as a part of a team" -
Michael Geordan, famous basketball player

"The WNL has it all over the INL!  Better skills, better system and better
management" - Deeon Sanders, famous football player

"I love the faster style of play in the WNL.  Its the reason I still play,
despite all the concussions" - Erik Lyndros, famous hockey player

 WNL Organizer