REMINDER!  The WNL season starts this coming weekend!

ET has officially been added to the season, so see the revised schedule
below.  We now have 6 teams, so we expect to have an exciting season!  

	DO(h) vs ET(a): 3:00 PM eastern at
        FL(h) vs SP(a): 9:00 PM eastern at
        LO(h) vs ZW(a): 9:30 PM eastern at

	I also want to ask everyone to pay attention to how they feel the
continuous scoring impacts their games this season.  Try not to start with
an initial bias, but honestly evaluate it.  At the end of this season, I'm
going to call for a vote on whether we keep it or go back to regular
scoring (note that any WNLC member can actually initiate a vote/request
during the season...but we won't change something major like the way we
score games until the season is over).  This is on my own initiative and
is not associated with the WNL organizers.


twink -> -p 4566 (4000) / 4577 (5000)
netrek -> -p 4566 (4000) / 4577 (5000)
eskel -> -p 4566 (4000) / 4577 (5000)

	LO: Leftovers
        DO: DOOSHonium
        SP: Smack Pack
        FL: Frick'n Leprechauns
        ZW: Zero Wing
	ET: Eurotwinks

Bi-Week 1: 4/29 - 5/12
	DO(h) vs ET(a): 4/29/01, 3:00 PM eastern at netrek
	FL(h) vs SP(a): 5/1/01, 9:00 PM eastern at netrek
	LO(h) vs ZW(a): 5/1/01, 9:30 PM eastern at twink

Bi-Week 2: 5/13 - 5/26
	ET(h) vs SP(a): 5/13/01, 3:00 PM eastern at eskel
	FL(h) vs LO(a): 5/13/01, 3:00 PM eastern at netrek
	DO(h) vs ZW(a): 5/15/01, 9:30 PM eastern at netrek

Bi-Week 3: 5/27 - 6/9
	ZW(h) vs ET(a): 5/27/01, 3:00 PM eastern at netrek*
	DO(h) vs FL(a): 5/29/01, 9:00 PM eastern at netrek
	LO(h) vs SP(a): 5/29/01, 9:00 PM eastern at twink

Bi-Week 4: 6/10 - 6/23
	ET(h) vs FL(a): 6/10/01, 3:00 PM eastern at eskel
	ZW(h) vs SP(a): 6/10/01, 3:30 PM eastern at netrek
	LO(h) vs DO(a): 6/12/01, 9:00 PM eastern at netrek

Bi-Week 5: 6/24 - 7/7
	SP(h) vs DO(a): 6/24/01, 3:00 PM eastern at netrek
	LO(h) vs ET(a): 6/24/01, 3:00 PM eastern at twink
	ZW(h) vs FL(a): 6/26/01, 9:30 PM eastern at netrek

*: Note, this is Memorial day!  If you know you will have difficulty
scheduling on this date, please plan on rescheduling ahead of time!!!

Semi-finals of play-offs: Team #1 vs Team #4 , Team #2 vs Team #3
Home team advantage will be based as in the WNL rulebook for this round.
7/15 - 7/28

Finals of play-offs will include a consolation round where the losers of
the semi-final games will play each other to determine 3rd and 4th rank.
Winners of the two semi-final games will play for 1st and 2nd place.
Server and race determination will be announced prior to the start of the
7/29 - 8/11

  The WNL rulebook is available at :
  See the WNL rulebook for starting times of games based on whether a team
has a designation of European, Pacific, or Eastern.
  See the WNL rulebook for altnerative servers in case of network or
server problems.
  Games can be played at any time during the 13 day bi-week.  The games
are auto-scheduled for the first Sunday or Tuesday of the bi-week and one
should make every attempt to play on that date.
  Captains can agree to any server as long as it is running the latest WNL
source.  This is available from: which includes
directions on installing and running the server.
  Captains are reminded that games should start by 15 minutes after the
designated game time to avoid forfiets.  Captains can ask for an
additional 15 minutes, but the opposing captain must agree.  Please be
polite about these requests, both in asking and granting.  See the
rulebook section on delayed games and the procedure required to obtain a
forfiet in such a case ( see rule 6f)

-Kevin Bernatz
 Akira/Sun Tzu/I'll Be Nice!
 WNL Organizer