Welcome fellow netrek players,
	The submission for the Spring 2001 WNL season is now open.  Please
send an email to "wnl at lagparty.org" with the following information to
register your team:

Team Name:
Designation as {European, Pacific, or Eastern}
Captain Name:
Captain Handle:
Captain/scheduler Email:
<list of all players including their most recognizeable netrek handle,
their email/host name information and the WNL character name they will be

	For players who do not have a team, please submit the following

Most recognizable handle:
Availability days:
Availability times: (eg. M-F 9:00 PM EST+, S-S 3:00-6:00 PM EST)
Designation as {European, Pacific or Eastern}
Whether you would be willing to captain a team: Yes/No/Maybe

	The designation as European, Pacific or Eastern will dicate on
what days and at what times your games are auto-scheduled.  Note that 2
weeks will be given for all games and that rescheduling is now left to the
captains if they cannot field teams on the autoscheduled days.  European
teams will be scheduled for Sunday, 3:00 PM EST games.  Pacific will be
scheduled for Tuesday, 9:30 PM EST or Sunday, 3:30 PM EST games and
Eastern will be scheduled for Tuesday, 9:00 PM EST or Sunday, 3:00 PM EST.
In situations where teams of different designations are scheduled to play
each other, the priority for game time/day goes: European > Pacific >
	Come register for the WNL!  Listen to what these famous athletes
have to say about their WNL experiences!

"The WNL was the place where I learned how to play as a part of a team" -
Michael Geordan, famous basketball player

"The WNL has it all over the INL!  Better skills, better system and better
management" - Deeon Sanders, famous football player

"I love the faster style of play in the WNL.  Its the reason I still play,
despite all the concussions" - Erik Lyndros, famous hockey player

 WNL Organizer