Purpose:  as much as people discuss about DD being a sucker ship, why
not experiment this in a clue game?
Proposal:  We will have a DD team (6DDs, 1SB, and 1SC all the time) vs a
CA team (6CAs, 1SB, and 1SC all the time)
When: Sunday at 4:00pm EST
Where: twink.crackaddict.com -p 4566 (for DD), -p 4577 (for CA)
Who's Invited?:  All the DD players out there (White Lion, do you hear
me?) and anyone who's got nothing better to do.
What's next?:  Next week, I will call another clue game with a different
theme, (e.g. team SC vs team DD, team AS vs team BB, or team DD vs team

Any suggestion will be nice!

leemy (who started netrek career as a DD twink because the DD was the
default ship in the client that I first used, and didn't know how to
select other ships)