This game should have been sent out as being at 2 PM Central Standard Time.
So, that's 3 PM East Coast, and Noon West Coast..... For more information on
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Subject: [Clue Pickup] Game 2pm EDT Sunday, need subs

        What: Smack Pack Needs Subs.

        When: Sunday 18 Mar 01, 2pm EST

        Who: Leftovers vs. SMACK Pack (the original Leftovers :-).

        -h -p 4566        # Smack Pack team
        -h -p 4000        # Smack Pack observer
        -h -p 4577        # Leftovers team
        -h -p 5000        # Leftovers observer

        Details: We will be playing a 60/20 game, with 12 starting armies,
        trying out the WNL rule adjustment allowing these as official
        games during the season.  If there's a consensus to play longer,
	we will.

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