Hi all,
	As many of you have noticed, the WNL "season" was supposed to
officially start last Sunday.  This has been (obviously) delayed, though I
am happy to report that it *not* due to lack of participation (I think we
have 4 teams already signed up and expect to have 5 - 7).
	The delays are due to poor committment by the WNL organizers in
getting the web-page modified in a timely fashion.  I appologize for our
incompetance and poor time management (in the organizers defense, real
life has placed several major projects on people during the past 2-4
	We will do our best to get the web page modified (including a
proper submission page) by April 1.  We will give a 2 week submission
period following successful modification of the webpage.  The season will
then start ~3 weeks after that (so a rough estimate would be May 1st).  I
realize this may pose a problem for any players at University's, but
hopefully this can be overcome by the majority of those affected.  The
good news is that once the webpage is modified, it should serve as a
"smooth running system" for all future seasons.  This delay, while
unfortunate and annoying, will hopefully serve to provide a system which
will eliminate any similar delays from happening in the future.
	Again, we appologize for the poor time management and appreciate
your patience as we deal with the issues before us.  If you have any
comments, feel free to write us at wnl at lagparty.org.  

-Kevin Bernatz
 Akira/Sun Tzu/I'll Be Nice!/Death Starium
 WNL orgnizer