A problem that I have with Tuesday 9PM games is that it conflicts with 
Tuesday is just a bad day to host Netrek games since Tuesday has the best 
television. I'd recommend Wednesday scheduling because Monday conflicts 
with football, Tuesday and Thursday conflicts with prime-time television 
shows, Friday is bad for those with a social life, Sunday conflicts with 
sports and is usually a family day, and Saturday also conflicts with sports 
and those with a social life.

At 02:15 PM 10/24/01 -0400, Dave Ahn wrote:
>Monday is a day of meditation, so Wudan Disciples will no longer be
>sponsoring Monday Night Netrek.  However, we'll be doing Tuesday Night
>Fights whenever our schedule is open (official WNL games are on alternating
>What:   Wudan Disciples vs World (scrimmage)
>When:   Tuesday, October 30 @ 9PM Eastern
>Where:  twink.crackaddict.com -p 4566 / 4000 (Wudans)
>Where:  twink.crackaddict.com -p 4577 / 5000 (World)
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