While the VCR suggestion was the best from the flame Iggies, Tuesday is 
still, as T.E. Lackey has mentioned, a day where all the premiere shows run 
and is one of the few days that people with significant others or friends 
spend significant time watching television. Thursday is the only other day 
where this really occurs. The other days, such as Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 
and Monday tend to contain social events, family events, and football, as 
well. This only leaves Wednesday where the turnout would be the best. I 
believe another person commented that he had hockey practice on Tuesday as 
well. If I am not mistaken, increasing player turnout and tuning out the 
conventional flame Iggies  would be ideal to increase interest, to increase 
the sample size of players, and thus, increase the validity of the game 
statistics collected--something even an conventional flaming Netrek geek 
would have interest.

At 03:16 PM 10/24/01 -0500, Thomas E. Lackey wrote:
> > A problem that I have with Tuesday 9PM games is that it conflicts with
> > Smallville.
> > Tuesday is just a bad day to host Netrek games since Tuesday has the best
> > television. I'd recommend Wednesday scheduling because Monday conflicts
> > with football, Tuesday and Thursday conflicts with prime-time television
> > shows, Friday is bad for those with a social life, Sunday conflicts with
> > sports and is usually a family day, and Saturday also conflicts with 
> sports
> > and those with a social life.
> >
>Tuesday is about the only day I (and my family) watch a lot of TV as well,
>and basically all the shows seem to come on at once.  For what it is worth I
>would much prefer Wednesday as well.  And yeah, Smallville is one of the 
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