WNL Fall 2001

	Fellow Netrek players, the roster submission form and players
seeking teams forms are now open for submission for the Fall 2001 season
of the World Netrek League.  The roster submission form will remain
open for approximately three weeks, planning on closing at midnight on
Sunday, September 23rd.  The schedule will be announced by September 26th
and teams can expect to play their first game either Sunday, September
30th or Tuesday, October 2nd.  These dates may be delayed if necessary to
accomodate unforseen delays in registeration.  The players seeking teams
form will remain active until midnight on November 11, 2001.
	Some issues which will be addressed by the captains prior to
starting the WNL will be:
  1) Type of scoring system used;
  2) Whether forfeits are applied to rating determination or playoff
rankings; and
  3) Who will replace Dave Ahn as an Organizer
	The WNL can be reached at <URL:http://www.netrek.org/wnl/>.
As we have done the last two seasons, players seeking teams can sign-up
at the above url and if there are enough players without teams, then we
will create a team so that everyone can enjoy the WNL experience.
	This season we are happy to announce the addition of Gerald Lim
as the official WNL sTaTbOy.  In addition to team ratings, which the
WNL has always provided, we will begin to rate individual players in a
number ways based on game results.  As such, we encourage people to use
a single nickname throughout the season.  Look for the WNL page to begin
featuring extensive stats for player comparisons in the near future!

-WNL Committee