Netrek Players,
	We are currently seeking a replacement for Dave Ahn as an official
WNL Organizer.	Responsiblities will include helping to maintain
the league and assisting in resolving disputes (see WNL rulebook -
	We currently have one person interested in the position and would
like to solicit volunteers from the general netrek community.
WNL players can volunteer by sending an email message to:
wnl-captains at
	The message subject must include the string VOLUNTEER. The message
body must include the volunteer's name and email address. Volunteers
are encouraged to include additional information about themselves in
the message body.
	We will be collecting names until Sunday, September 23rd at
midnight Eastern time.	If you have any questions, feel free to contact
any WNL Organizer.

-WNL Organizers <wnl-organizers at>