This message is to announce the opening of the netrek Hockey Draft League.
For those people short of time, all relevent information exists at the
NHDL homepage:

    What is the NHDL?

The Netrek Hockey Draft League is the hockey version of the netrek draft 
league. For those who have not seen this game, hockey is a netrek variant
played with any "normal" netrek client. Any and all netrek players may join the
league and will be drafted by captains at a later date (specified in the
rules). Once teams have been drafted, a series of games will be played between
the drafted teams.

    What is the purpose of the NHDL?

The organizers and captains hope to provide a breeding ground for up and coming
netrek hockey players. As a result of the drafting process, we hope to provide
fun, competitive games between balanced teams comprised of hockey clue, hockey
semi-clue and hockey newbies. We hope these games will increase interest in
netrek hockey and give older players a chance to teach newer players all about
the One True Game in a friendly environment.

    Who should join the NHDL?

Anybody and everybody! As long as you know how to play netrek of any kind you
are welcome to join the NHDL. Newbies and semi-clue are especially encouraged
to join as your enjoyment is the true mission of the league. Players who are
new to hockey should visit and read the hockey newbie guide
( and join us on (the hockey
pickup server) to learn basic skills required to play netrek hockey. Hockey
games happen less frequently than bronco games, mostly on weekday evenings
(US time). However, you can always log into the server and practice even if
nobody else is around. Reading the hockey guide (about 20 minutes) and
spending an hour or two practicing the mechanics and skills is about all
that is needed to start becoming a productive team member.

    Need more information?

If you have comments, questions or suggestions please let us know by talking
to one of the organizers online (listed below) or emailing us.

    hockey at
    Shaun Foley (organizer)
    Yung Leem (organizer)
    Michael Denison (organizer)

If you know any netrek players who would be interested, please direct them
this way. We'd like as many players as possible, obviously, to ensure the
success of the league.

Lastly if you are a "hockey oldbie" we'd appreciate your support. Even if you
can not sign up, we'd like you to be available to sub into games, observe
games, and help us teach newbies if possible. In addition if you have the
contact information (email) for semi-retired players who might be interested,
please forward a copy of this message.

Thank you,
The NHDL organizers

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