WNL Spring 2002

The Spring 2002 WNL season is officially starting! Roster
submissions will begin Sunday, March 10th and will
remain open until Sunday, April 7th. Team and individual
players are welcome to register at

The trade deadline is Sunday, July 7th. (Players looking
for a team can sign-up with the player seeking team form
through this date.) The regular season will run through

Roster submission for the next season is expected to
begin September, 2002 and that season is expected to
run from October through Februrary, 2003.

What's New?

David Moore wrote a short introduction to organized
games. If you are familiar with pickup play and want to
start playing in clue and league games, then this is for you.

The WNLC voted to change the continuous scoring
(cscore) delta for the upcoming season. The cscore delta
that is used to determine whether the game enters
overtime has been increased from 2.0 to 3.0. This means
that as long as the cscore is within 3.0 at the end of
regulation, the 11-8-1 planet count scoring rule will apply. If
the cscore delta exceeds 3.0, then the team with the
higher cscore delta will win at the end of regulation
regardless of the current planet count. (See the server
documentation for more information on how scoring

-WNL Organizers