Welcome to the Netrek Draft League 2002
(DL2002).  The Draft League is a place for Netrek
players of all skill levels to play together in a
competitive environment.  The DL provides newer
players a chance to learn about league play in a
friendly environment while offering competive and
exciting games to the experienced netrek players.

	The Draft League is organized much like
regular league netrek (www.netrek.org/leagues.html),
where each team will have 1 captain and several roster
players.  The difference is that the captains will
draft the roster players, guarenteeing that everyone
who joins the draft will be on a team and that each
team will possess a wide range of experience.  As such,
people who have never played in league netrek are
encouraged to join!

	If you have experience playing on continuum or
other "pick-up" netrek servers, you are probably more
than ready to contribute to a DL team.  Some basic skills
that you should possess is an understanding of the
galactic and tactical maps, knowledge of reading a player
list to identify players and the ability to read and send
messages to individuals and your team.  Basic piloting
skills such as changing speeds, turning, bombing planets
and info'ing ships and planets should also be possessed
before joining the DL.  All these skills can be picked
up with a few hours of "pick-up" netrek play at a netrek
server, as well as by reading the various help files
available to newer players (http://www.netrek.org/info.html).

	If you possess the above skills and are ready to
join the DL2002, go to http://draft.netrek.org/ and select
the "sign up" link.  You will be required to provide a
contact email, as well as information about your skills and
availability.  Finally, you will be asked if you wish to
captain a team.  If you are an experienced netrek player,
please consider captaining a team, especially if you never
have in the past, since the more captains we have, the more
teams will be formed.  We are looking for at least 6 captains,
based on the estimated number of people joining the Draft
League.  The registration period will be TODAY, March 28th to
Friday, May 3rd.  Captains will be decided upon on May 4th-5th
and the draft will hopefully take place on May 11th or 12th.

	The games will be autoscheduled for every other
Tues. or Sun. at either 9:00/9:30 PM eastern or 3:00 / 3:30 PM
eastern on Sunday.  Games will be 60 minutes in length,
with a potential 20 minute overtime period.  Continuous
scoring will be used with a cscore delta of 3.00
(http://www.netrek.org/vanilla.docs/README.scores).  All
teams will also have 1 to 3 games autoscheduled for
Sunday at 3:00 or 3:30 PM eastern and are encouarged to
scrimmage on these and other days to allow everyone a
chance to play (i.e. some people may have difficulty making
weekday night games, so by scheduling scrimmages on other
nights, they are given the chance to enjoy in the
Draft League experience).  Exact details will be provided
prior to the actual draft process.

	The complete DL rules are listed at draft.netrek.org.
If there are any questions feel free to contact us at
wnl-organizers at lists.netrek.org.

-DL Organizers



[sponsored by the WNL]