> Time:  May 13th beginning at 9:30pm Eastern
> Server:  netrek.crackaddict.com
> Ports:  4577 or 5000

Since several people have asked, the captains are as follows:
DM - Dave Moore
DS - Dave Swasey
GL - Gerard Lim
JP - Jitesh Patel
LM - Lalit Motwani
NF - Niclas Fredriksson

Also, we MAY be allowing late submissions for those of you who did not sign
up for the draft. If you want in at the last minute, reply to me privately
with the relevant information as on the playerlist as shown on the player
list at http://draft.netrek.org/ and show up early tonight (and anyone who
wants a slot should show up early; they may fill quickly).

See you tonight!