Hi people,

the Dutchies are getting together today and we have a special
mystery guest, straight from America.

We are going to try to get a cluegame going today, wednesday, May
5th, at:

2:30 PM EDT == 20:30 CET.

Just be at pickled or continuum at that time and we'll tell you which
server we reserved. We only need 9 players to get a full game going,
since we already got 6 Dutchies and 1 Mystery Guest, so try to be

Show up tomorrow, it's gonna be cool.


Charlie, Erik, Jochem, Phil, Pieter, Stef and the Mystery Guest.

Beneath the local times:

May 5th
11:30 AM San Fransisco, Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles
12:30 PM Denver, San Salvador
1:30 PM Minneapolis, Houston, New Orleans, Chicago, Indianapolis
2:30 PM Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York, Montreal, Toronto
3:30 PM Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro
7:30 PM London
8:30 PM Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Brussels, Rome, Berlin
9:30 PM Helsinki, Athens

May 6th
1:30 AM Bangkok, Hanoi
2:30 AM Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai
4:30 AM Melbourne, Sydney

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