From: "Bill" <billbalcerski at>
Subject: Recap and info: World vs world game on November 29, 2006
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 23:17:19 -0800

After a 1+ year hiatus, an organized clue game finally has occurred
again.  We had 10 people show up, and we had us a nice little 1 hour
game.  We had base oggs, stashing, bombing, and even a last minute
push!  The game ended 11-9, but the roms won due to a continuous
scoring advantage of greater than 2.  Hopefully it was a good learning
experience for all.  Game stats, log, and cambot be found at:

A few notes.  If you are using Internet Explorer, it will have a
problem with the files ending in *.gz, instead of opening them in
browser, save them to your disk as .txt files (not .gz, IE
automatically unzips them for you without tell you, grumble grumble).
At least for me, it wants to save the file as a WinRar archive, I tell
it to save it as type "All Files" instead, add a .txt at the end (or in
the case of cambot, add a .pkt at the end).  Then after it is
downloaded, i remove the extraneous .txt or .pkt.  Yes it's a mess.

Or you can use Mozilla Firefox and you can view the logs in browswer no
problem, and cambot saves properly.

You can use Netrek XP 2006 to view the cambot recording, by:
netrek.exe -F cambot.pkt

where cambot.pkt is the filename of the cambot recording.  I think
cambot playback is broken in XP Mod, dunno about the other non-windows
clients.  Today's game recording was 6.4 megs unzipped.  Take a look at
stats, sometimes stats get screwed up, but I'm happy to say they mostly
look good.  Except my 'guesty' char isn't anywhere, maybe cause I was
in base the whole time it messed up my stats.  Oh well.

Next week let's get a full game going!

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