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From: Karthik Arumugham <karthik at karthik.com>
Date: May 10, 2007 10:43 AM
Subject: [netrek-clue-games] RCE vs World - Monday, May 14, 9:30PM EDT
To: Netrek Clue Games <netrek-clue-games at googlegroups.com>

Let's try an RCE vs World game on Monday. We may need subs, but please
join on the observer port and wait to be asked first.

RCE vs World clue game, next Monday!
What:  RCE vs World
When:  Mar 18th, 9:30PM EDT (6:30PM PDT, Tue 1:30AM UTC, Tue 3:30AM
Where: netrek -h clue.netrek.org -p 4577 (or away.clue.netrek.org on
the meta)

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