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From: John R. Dennison <jrd at gerdesas.com>
Date: Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 4:44 AM
Subject: [netrek-clue-games] World vs World Clue Game - Wed, November 19th
To: netrek-clue-games at googlegroups.com

The next game will be Wednesday, November 19th at 10PM Eastern (7PM PST,

| NOTE |

Due to the lack of turnout last week, and also due to the Thanksgiving
holiday coming up on Thursday, November 27th and the probable lack of
interest the day before the holiday, we have decided to schedule a
World vs World game this coming Wednesday.

There will be no game November 26th.

Normal bi-weekly scheduled games will resume December 3rd.

*** Please take a few moments to read the rest of this message if you
did not do so previously, as it is important to the continuity of clue
games. ***

We may try an experimental game, such as playing 3-4 overtime-only
games back-to-back, or playing with no bases, based on what the
players who show up want. (I think 3-4 no-regulation sudden-death OTs
could be a lot of fun, and would still take less time than a regular
game. Plus we can easily sub in observers between OTs if we have more
players than slots.) The game will be a draft as usual, unless there
are special balance circumstances.

The game WILL be listed on the metaservers to make connecting more
convenient and help make people more aware of the game.

You may still connect to the server from the command line as usual:

"netrek.exe -h clue.netrek.org -p 4566" for home team
"netrek.exe -h clue.netrek.org -p 4577" for away team
"netrek.exe -h clue.netrek.org -p 4000" for home observer
"netrek.exe -h clue.netrek.org -p 5000" for away observer

Once the game has started, we ask that you please refrain from joining
the queues. This lets busted players rejoin quickly, and lets players
be subbed in and out more easily. If the game is full, please join as
an observer instead and wait for the captains to ask you to join. We
will make every effort to sub you in halfway through the game if a
slot hasn't opened before then. (If we have a ton of people show up it
may not be possible to sub in everyone, but given recent and
historical player counts, I seriously doubt this will be an issue.)

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