CLUE GAME: Sunday, December 12, 2010, World vs World (draft.)

The next clue game will be on Sunday, December 12 at 5PM EST (2PM PST, 10PM UTC) on

The game will be a World vs World draft game, with captains taking turns drafting players. You do not need any prior clue game experience, only the ability to send and receive messages, and to take advice and instructions from your captain and teammates. If you have not played before, please keep in mind that this will be a 60 minute game, with a possible overtime of up to 20 minutes.

The game will be listed on the metaservers until the game begins or later so that you can connect directly from the metaserver with any client.

Player ports are 4566/4577 [home/away] and observer ports are 4000/5000 [home obs/away obs] as is standard. There is no distinction between "home" and "away" since this is a World vs World game, so please feel free to join either side.

If you have any questions, please reply directly to the sender of this message (karthik at

If you try log in as "guest" on a player slot the server will not allow you to join a team. It is best to pick a character name that you have used in clue games or on pickup in the past (or use a username that is familiar in the same manner), so that you can be identified by the captains to help ensure balanced teams.

NOTE: If the player slots are full, please DO NOT try to wait on the queue. Instead, please join an observer slot on either team and indicate to the ALL board that you wish to play. We will make every reasonable effort to substitute in players who show up before the game starts during halftime. If you show up later, we will still try to sub you in if possible; subbing order will be based on when you joined. If home is full before the game starts, try joining away. If both are full, join as an observer on either side. Keeping the queue free makes it easier and faster for busted players to reconnect and to sub players into the game in a fair order.

At any time, you may manually connect to the server as follows:

"netrek.exe -h -p 4566" - home team
"netrek.exe -h -p 4577" - away team
"netrek.exe -h -p 4000" - home observer
"netrek.exe -h -p 5000" - away observer

"netrek -h -p 4566" - home team
"netrek -h -p 4577" - away team
"netrek -h -p 4000" - home observer
"netrek -h -p 5000" - away observer

If you do not know how to connect manually, please try the following well ahead of game time:
CD to your Netrek client directory from a DOS prompt, and run netrek.exe. E.g.:
cd c:\netrek
netrek.exe -h -p 4566 [or whichever port you want to connect on]

[Unix, including Linux users and non-MacTrek OS X users]
Run your client as usual from the command line, with the port number appended. E.g.:
$ netrek -h -p 4566 & [or whichever port you want to connect on]

Please review We do not recommend using MacTrek for clue games as this client lacks UDP support, and general features are not considered adequate for a clue game.

The clue server is currently up and running, so if you have not connected to it directly before, we advise you to try well ahead of the game. Please reply directly to the sender of this message if you encounter any problems doing so.

Please feel free to forward this message to any friends who are not on the clue game mailing lists, make macros to ALL on pickup to let people know when the game is happening, etc.

Thank you.