Update of /cvsroot/netrek/client/netrekxp/include
In directory sc8-pr-cvs1.sourceforge.net:/tmp/cvs-serv15356/include

Modified Files:
Log Message:
- all ship bitmap libraries now load into memory.  Can be modified at a later date
  if this proves to be a bad idea.
- added "dynamicBitmap: (on)/off".  Enables dynamic bitmap switching from the options menu
- renumbered the ship bitmap sets for the colorClient option.  Choices are 0=mono,
  1=new color graphics, 2=single color graphics, and 3=shaded single color graphics.
  Default setting is still 1.  Settings 2 and 3 have the bonus effect of turning your
  ship color to white (similar to COW) due to there being a greyscale bitmap library
  with matching ship designs.
- updated NetrekXP manual (in docs folder)

Index: data.h
RCS file: /cvsroot/netrek/client/netrekxp/include/data.h,v
retrieving revision 1.2
retrieving revision 1.3
diff -u -d -r1.2 -r1.3
--- data.h	12 Apr 2006 04:20:03 -0000	1.2
+++ data.h	15 Apr 2006 01:04:32 -0000	1.3
@@ -165,6 +165,7 @@
 extern int theirPhaserShrink;
 extern int shrinkPhaserOnMiss;
 extern int colorClient;
+extern int dynamicBitmaps;
 extern int newDashboard, old_db;
 extern int niftyNewMessages;
 extern int fastQuit;
@@ -274,11 +275,26 @@
     kli_bitmaps[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS], rom_bitmaps[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS],
     ori_bitmaps[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS], ind_bitmaps[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS];
+extern W_Icon ship_bitmaps1[5];
+extern W_Icon fed_bitmaps1[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS],
+    kli_bitmaps1[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS], rom_bitmaps1[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS],
+    ori_bitmaps1[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS], ind_bitmaps1[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS];
 extern W_Icon ship_bitmapsG[5];
 extern W_Icon fed_bitmapsG[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS],
     kli_bitmapsG[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS], rom_bitmapsG[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS],
     ori_bitmapsG[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS], ind_bitmapsG[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS];
+extern W_Icon ship_bitmapsM[5];
+extern W_Icon fed_bitmapsM[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS],
+    kli_bitmapsM[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS], rom_bitmapsM[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS],
+    ori_bitmapsM[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS], ind_bitmapsM[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS];
+extern W_Icon ship_bitmapsT[5];
+extern W_Icon fed_bitmapsT[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS],
+    kli_bitmapsT[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS], rom_bitmapsT[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS],
+    ori_bitmapsT[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS], ind_bitmapsT[NUM_TYPES][SHIP_VIEWS];
 extern W_Icon base_planets;
 extern W_Icon base_mplanets;
 extern W_Icon bplanets[PLANET_VIEWS];
@@ -475,6 +491,11 @@
 extern char *kli_ship_bmp;
 extern char *ori_ship_bmp;
 extern char *ind_ship_bmp;
+extern char *fed_ship_bmp_1;
+extern char *rom_ship_bmp_1;
+extern char *kli_ship_bmp_1;
+extern char *ori_ship_bmp_1;
+extern char *ind_ship_bmp_1;
 extern char *fed_ship_bmp_G;
 extern char *rom_ship_bmp_G;
 extern char *kli_ship_bmp_G;