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Replaced a bunch of xtrek references with netrek.

--- NEW FILE: netrekrc_options.txt ---
# This document lists all available options that could be changed
# in the netrekrc file

agriCAPS:                 (on/off) show AGRI planet name in caps on the map
agriColor:                (0-2) select color to display agri planet names on the map
# 0 - owner race color
# 1 - white
# 2 - gray

allowWheelActions:        (on/off) allow mouse wheel to work in non-scrolling windows
autoQuit:                 (int) autoquit time after death
b1keymap:                 (string) keymap for mouse button 1 (mouseAsShift=on)
b2keymap:                 (string) keymap for mouse button 2 (mouseAsShift=on)
b3keymap:                 (string) keymap for mouse button 3 (mouseAsShift=on)
b4keymap:                 (string) keymap for mouse button 4 (mouseAsShift=on)
b5keymap:                 (string) keymap for mouse button 5 (mouseAsShift=on)
baseUdpLocalPort:         (port) use this port as base for UDP
beepOnPrivateMessage:	  (on/off) beep if received private message
buttonmap:                (string) change mouse button map
buttonmap-<ship>:         (string) use this buttonmap for ship (sc,dd,ca,bb,as,sb,ga,att)
ckeymap:                  (string) change control keymap
ckeymap-<ship>:           (string) use this ckeymap for ship (sc,dd,ca,bb,as,sb,ga,att)
cloakChars:               (two chars) how to display cloaker on galactic
color.<color>:            (color) replace first <color> with (color)
color.<race>:             (color) replace that race color with (color)
colorClient:              (0-3) what type of ship bitmaps to use
# 0 - mono
# 1 - new color bitmaps
# 2 - old color bitmaps
# 3 - shaded old color bitmaps

colorfulPhasers:          (on/off) make your phasers multicolored
continueTractor:          (on/off) show tractors after lock
continuousMouse:          (on/off) use continuous mouse mode
continuousMouseFix:       (on/off) fix continuous mouse behavior
disableWinkey             (on/off) disable Windows and Context keys
documentation:            (path) path to documentation file
dynamicBitmaps:           (on/off) allow switching of ship bitmaps in game
enemyPhasers:             (1-10) enemy phaser line width
extraAlertBorder:         (on/off) change window border on enemy approach
fedshipbmpfile:           (path) - old color bitmaps
fedship1bmpfile:          (path) - new color bitmaps
fedshipGbmpfile:          (path) - your own ship's grayscale bitmaps
fedshipTbmpfile:          (path) - shaded color bitmaps
fedshipMbmpfile:          (path) - mono bitmaps
fontSize:                 (int) default 10
forceDisplay:             (0/3) how many colors to display
# 0 - find best available color option (default)
# 1 - 16 colors
# 2 - 256 colors
# 3 - true color

forceMono:                (on/off) outdated option, that will force display to
                                   16 colors (but only works if forceDisplay = 0).
fullScreen:               (on/off) create border for main window
highlightFriendlyPhasers: (on/off) use white color for friendly phasers
ignoreCaps:               (on/off) ignore CapsLock key state
indshipbmpfile:           (path) - old color bitmaps
indship1bmpfile:          (path) - new color bitmaps
indshipGbmpfile:          (path) - your own ship's grayscale bitmaps
indshipTbmpfile:          (path) - shaded color bitmaps
indshipMbmpfile:          (path) - mono bitmaps
keepInfo:                 (0-100) number of updates to keep info (default 15)
keepPeace:                (on/off) stays in peace after being killed
keymap:                   (string) change keymap
keymap-<ship>:            (string) use this keymap for ship (sc,dd,ca,bb,as,sb,ga,att)
klishipbmpfile:           (path) - old color bitmaps
kliship1bmpfile:          (path) - new color bitmaps
klishipGbmpfile:          (path) - your own ship's grayscale bitmaps
klishipTbmpfile:          (path) - shaded color bitmaps
klishipMbmpfile:          (path) - mono bitmaps
logfile:                  (path) path to logfile
logging:                  (on/off) enable logging
login:                    (string) character login
macroKey:                 (char, ESC, TAB) key to toggle macro mode
mainResizeable:           (on/off) make main window (netrek) resizeable
messageHoldThresh:        (integer) put message on hold after mouse move (Adds # to the end of message)
messageHUD:               (0-2) where to duplicate message that is written in message window
# 0 - none (default)
# 1 - tactical top
# 2 - tactical bottom

metaCache:                (path) path to metacache file
metaPing:                 (on/off) show ping stats to all servers in metaserver window
metaPort:                 (port) metaserver port
metaServer:               (address) metaserver address
metaStatusLevel:          (0-4) what servers to display
# 0 - servers with players, but not on a wait queue
# 1 - servers with players and with a wait queue
# 2 - servers with nobody playing
# 3 - servers timed out to metaserver (default)
# 4 - servers that metaServer could not contact

motionThresh:             (int) mouse motion threshold
mouseAsShift:             (on/off) use mouse buttons to switch keymaps
mungScrollbarColors:      (on/off) set scrollbar colors to match background colors
name:                     (string) character nick name
netrek.w32caption:        (on/off) when off - shows titlebar in netrek window
newDashboard:             (0-3) dashboard style
# 0 - Text
# 1 - COW
# 2 - KRP (default)
# 3 - LABs

newDistress:              (on/off) indent distress calls to the right
newPlist:                 (on/off) compatibility variable for player list
# on - COW style
# off - old style

omitTeamLetter:           (on/off) omit team letter on galaxy
orishipbmpfile:           (path) - old color bitmaps
oriship1bmpfile:          (path) - new color bitmaps
orishipGbmpfile:          (path) - your own ship's grayscale bitmaps
orishipTbmpfile:          (path) - shaded color bitmaps
orishipMbmpfile:          (path) - mono bitmaps
partitionList:            (on/off) add blank line between teams in player list
password:                 (string) password for autologin
phaserShrink:             (0-16) shrink own phaser by x/16 of its length
# 0-16 for COW style phaser shrink
# 0-11 for BRMH style phaser shrink

phaserShrinkStyle:        (0-1) shrink own phasers using specific style
# 0 - COW style (fixed length phaser)
# 1 - BRMH style (phaser shrinks during recharge time)

phaserStats:              (on/off) show phaser statistics
phaserWindow:		  (on/off) whether to show phaser window
planetBitmap:             (0-2) what bitmaps to use for planets
# 0 - Bronco (default)
# 1 - Moo
# 2 - Rabbitear

playerList:               (string) custom style of player list
# ' ' - White Space
# 'b' - Armies Bombed
# 'd' - Damage Inflicted (DI)
# 'k' - Max Kills
# 'l' - Login Name
# 'n' - Ship Number
# 'p' - Planets Taken
# 'r' - Ratio
# 's' - Speed
# 'v' - Deaths per hour
# 'w' - War status
# 'B' - Bombing
# 'C' - Curt (short) rank
# 'D' - Defense
# 'H' - Hours Played
# 'K' - Kills
# 'L' - Losses
# 'M' - Display, Host Machine
# 'N' - Name
# 'O' - Offense
# 'P' - Planets
# 'R' - Rank
# 'S' - Total Rating (stats)
# 'T' - Ship Type
# 'V' - Kills per hour
# 'W' - Wins

playerList2:              (string) custom layout for alternate player list window (same as playerlist)
playerListHack:           (on/off) if player's letter is greater than 'f' suppose that
                                   the player is observer.
playerListMessaging:      (on/off) allow messages to be sent to players by clicking player
                                   on the player list window

playerlistObserver:       (0-2) what kind of players to show
# 0 - all (default)
# 1 - players
# 2 - observers

playerListStyle:          (0-4) what player list style to use
# 0 - custom style as defined in playerList
# 1 - old style "nTRNKWLr O D d "
# 2 - COW style "nTR N  K lrSd" (default)
# 3 - kill watch style "nTK  RNlr Sd"
# 4 - BRMH style "nTR N  K l M"

port:                     (port) default port
port.<server>:            (port) port for <server>
portSwap:                 (on/off) use UDP port swap code (use if you behind NAT)
rcfile-<ship>:            (path) use this file as netrekrc for ship (sc,dd,ca,bb,as,sb,ga,att)
redrawDelay:              (0-10) how many updates to wait before redraw
rejectMacro:              (on/off) reject macros
reportKills:              (on/off) report kills
romshipbmpfile:           (path) - old color bitmaps
romship1bmpfile:          (path) - new color bitmaps
romshipGbmpfile:          (path) - your own ship's grayscale bitmaps
romshipTbmpfile:          (path) - shaded color bitmaps
romshipMbmpfile:          (path) - mono bitmaps
saveFile:                 (path) path to saved options file
saveBig:                  (on/off) save options with remarks
saveMacro:                (on/off) save macros to saveFile
saveRCD:                  (on/off) save receiver configurable distresses to saveFile
saveRCM:                  (on/off) save receiver configurable messages to saveFile
server:                   (address) default server
server.<server>:          (address) <server> is a nickname for (address)
shiftedMouse:             (on/off) shift+mouse buttons will work as commands
showAllTractorPressor:    (on/off) show each player's tractor/pressor beams (requires server support)
showHints:                (on/off) show hints window
showHockeyLinesLocal:     (on/off) show hockey lines on tactical
showHockeyLinesMap:       (on/off) show hockey lines on galactic
showHockeyScore:          (on/off) show hockey score on galactic
showIND:                  (on/off) show neutral planets with X over them
showLock:                 (0-3) where to show lock triangle
# 0 - nowhere
# 1 - galactic
# 2 - tactical
# 3 - both (default)

showMySpeed:              (on/off) show my speed on tactical
showMotd:                 (on/off) show Motd if waiting on queue
showPlanetNames:          (on/off) show planet names on tactical
showPlanetOwner:          (on/off) show planet owner on galaxy
showStars:                (on/off) show background stars
showStats:                (on/off) show ship statistics
showTractorPressor:       (on/off) show tractors and pressors
shrinkPhaserOnMiss:       (on/off) don't draw phaser line on miss
singleMacro:              (string) macro keys that will trigger macro without macro mode
sortMyTeamFirst:          (on/off) show my team first in the player list
sortPlayers:              (on/off) sort players by teams
sound:                    (on/off) enable sound
soundDir:                 (path) path to directory containing sound files
theirPhaserShrink:        (0-16) shrink enemy phaser by x/16 of its length
timerType:                (0-4) type of timer on dashboard window
# 0 - don't show
# 1 - current time
# 2 - server time
# 3 - time in ship
# 4 - user-set time

tpDotDist:                (int) distance between tractor/pressor dots (default 10)
tryShort:                 (on/off) enable short packets
tryUdp:                   (on/off) try using UDP
udpClientReceive:         (0-2) how to receive data from server
# 0 - TCP
# 1 - simple UDP (default)
# 2 - fat UDP

udpClientSend:            (0-3) how to send data to server
# 0 - TCP
# 1 - simple UDP (default)
# 2 - enforced UDP (state)
# 3 - enforced UDP (state & weapons)

udpDebug:                 (0/1) debug UDP traffic
udpSequenceCheck:         (on/off) check UDP sequence
updatesPerSec:            (0-10) how much data updates per second to request from server
useLite:                  (on/off) use beeplite
defLite:                  (on/off) use default beeplite settings
useRSA:                   (on/off) use RSA client verification
useRSA.<server>           (on/off) user RSA for <server>
varyShields:              (on/off) change shields color on shields damage
viewBox:                  (on/off) show tactical window boundaries on map
warnShields:              (on/off) change shields color on enemy approach
warpStreaks:              (on/off) show streaks while warping to starbase
windowMove:               (on/off) enable internal windows to be moved with mouse

<window>.allow:           [A][T][I][P][K]
# Allow specific messages to be shown in window
# Only valid for message windows (i.e. review_* and review)
# A - show messages sent to all
# T - show messages sent to the team
# I - show messages sent to yourself
# P - show phaser messages
# K - show kill messages

<window>.mapped:          (on/off) show window <window>
# List of possible window names
# netrek          Main Window
# local           Main Fighting Window
# map             Galactic Map
# warn            Warning Window
# message         Message Window
# review          All Messages Window
# review_all      Messages to All Window
# review_team     Messages to Team Window
# review_your     Messages to Individual Window
# review_kill     Kill Messages Window
# review_phaser   Phaser hits Window
# planet          Planet List Window
# player          Player List Window
# player2         Alternate Player List Window
# war             War Declarations Window
# fed             Federation Selection Window
# ori             Orion Selection Window
# rom             Romulan Selection Window
# kli             Klingon Selection Window
# quit            The Quit Countdown Clock
# option          Option Menu Window
# rank            Rank Window
# stats           Statistics Window
# tstat           Dashboard Window
# help            Help Window
# UDP             UDP Options Window
# pingStats       Ping Statistics Window
# MetaServer List (including the space) Metaserver window
# macro           Active Macros Window

<window>.geometry:        (geometry) window geometry
# Window Placement syntax
# This displays the size, and position of the window.
# <window>.geometry:<width>x<height>+<xpos>+<ypos>
# This displays just the position of the window.
# <window>.geometry:+<xpos>+<ypos>
# ...or just the size
# <window>.geometry:<width>x<height>

<window>.parent:          (window) <window> is a child of (window)

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 Version TBA:
+- continuousMouse and continuousMouseFix now default to on
 - fixed the mono fed sb bitmaps so they rotate more cleanly
 - updated NetrekXP manual (in docs folder), removed old cow manuals.
 - all greyscale and shaded old color starbase bitmaps now rotate.

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@@ -425,6 +425,7 @@
      review_phaser  - phaser hits window
      planet         - planet list window
      player         - playerlist window
+     player2        - alternate player list window
      war            - war declarations window
      fed            - Fed selection window
      ori            - Orion selection window
@@ -433,15 +434,13 @@
      quit           - The quit countdown clock
      option         - options menu window
      rank           - rank window
-     sound          - sound options window
      stats          - statistics window
      tstat          - dasboard window
      help           - help window
      UDP            - UDP options window
      pingStats      - ping statistics window
      MetaServer List- (including the space) Metaserver window
-     DocWin         - Documentation window
-     xtrekrcWin     - netrekrc display window
+     macro          - active Macros Window
      You can specify whether windows are initially mapped (displayed), like this: