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Addition of color weapons, based on COW/TedTurner, but made better :).

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 # 3 - shaded old color bitmaps
 colorfulPhasers:          (on/off) make your phasers multicolored
+colorWeapons:             (on/off) use colored bitmaps for torps and plasmas
 continueTractor:          (on/off) show tractors after lock
 continuousMouse:          (on/off) use continuous mouse mode
 continuousMouseFix:       (on/off) fix continuous mouse behavior

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 Version TBA:
+- added "colorWeapons: (on)/off" to use color weapon bitmaps for torps and plasmas!  The
+  bitmaps are a blend of COW/Ted Turner bitmaps, with some improvements in the area of
+  torp/plasma size and color ratio, the addition of a separate color bitmap for your own
+  weapons fire, and the addition of separate bitmaps for "friendly" and "enemy" weapons,
+  so you can tell who is at peace with you visually by the shading of their weapons.
+  This option can be toggled in game from the Ships Menu.
+- improved mono plasma explosion animation bitmaps
 - added a new Playerlist menu to the Options Menus, so the other menus are not as
   cluttered, and all playerlist options are now on the same menu page.
 - added "newSoundAngles: (on)/off" so one can choose to use SDL sound but lose the