"This is a list of all known FTP servers where you can find Netrek client and
server code, or anything else.  Mail tom at soda.berkeley.edu with any

Name                    Address         Comments

scam.Berkeley.EDU    The original site (now outdated).
soda.berkeley.edu   INL administrata, FAQ lists.
ftp.cis.ksu.edu   Mirrors, INL server.
pittslug.sug.org  Bronco clients, RSA stuff.
gs69.sp.cs.cmu.edu   Learn to play here!
b62103.student.cwru.edu  NeXT stuff.
ftp.iastate.edu  Little bit of everything.
iacrs2.unibe.ch     Source for IBM rs6k/AIX.
sgi.com           Silicon Graphics binary.
ocf.berkeley.edu  Apollo stuff.
crissy.berkeley.edu  Latest Berkeley client, INL server.
cad.ics.uci.edu    UDP client.
ftp.coe.montana.edu  Mirrors.
ftp.informatik.uni-rostock.de  Galaxy client.
ftp.ulowell.edu     VMS client.
ftp.unh.edu     VAX Ultrix client.
duke.me.chalmers.se    ntpatch source.
grind.isca.uiowa.edu  Grandfather borg.
charon.amdahl.com    Andy McFadden's stuff.
ftp.chemietechnik.uni-dortmund.de  Mirrors gs69.sp.cs.cmu.edu.
tbird.cc.iastate.edu  Game recorder server mod.
melmac.risc.uni-linz.ac.at   RSA stuff/ENL archive.
jupiterII.cl.msu.edu      Sun, sun386i and 486 blessed clients.
netcom.com      Blessed linux client.
nyquist.cs.nott.ac.uk   Sparc sound client.
ftp.ecst.csuchico.edu	Guzzler server source.


Article 7402 (57 more) in rec.games.netrek:
From: jjudy at argon.berkeley.edu (Jack W. Judy)

I find the following simple command line filters useful to remove
the less usefull info of the outstanding MS II.

Add them to your .aliases or .login files if you think they're useful.

telnet metaserver.ecst.csuchico.edu 3521 | grep "h " | grep -v "Nobody playing"
| grep -v "Not responding"

telnet metaserver.ecst.csuchico.edu 3522 | egrep '^Server:|^.. ..  ...'

Netrek T-Shirts Now Available!  Very cool black T-shirts with a Fed vs. Rom
game (complete with galactic, tactical, player, and message windows) on the
front and a large "OGG THIS!" on the back.  Screen printed in three colors, 
red, white, and yellow, these 100% cotton tees are only $11.00. Indicate size 
L or XL when ordering (XXL add $1.00).  Send check or money order to:

K & K  Enterprises                                    
8831 Milton Morris Drive                               email kcwinter at uncc.edu
Charlotte, NC  28227

NC residents add 6% sales tax.  Shipping and handling $4.00 for first shirt, 
$1.00 for each additional shirt.  Allow four to six weeks for delivery.

--- End of info ---

--- NEW FILE: metalist ---
Server: pickled.fox.cs.cmu.edu [B], port 2592 (open)
Last checked at 18:06:16 (0 minutes ago).

There are 13 people playing here.

  Type Rank       Name              Login
F1 SC  Lieutenan  guest             peterm@#S.Berkeley.EDU
F2 CA  Captain    Quayle for '99    Bozo at
F5 CA  Commander  Funky Buddha      Bozo@#0.sympatico.ca
F7 CA  Flt. Capt  Jan Brady         SGO@#4.dial.umd.edu
F9 CA  Ensign     redford           OEM@#A8.ipt.aol.com
Fa CA  Ensign     @#d1.tx.home.co   c
burger k#llatlantic.net@#llatlantic.net
Fe CA  Lieutenan  KickButtMan!      KickButtMan!@#78.peganet.com
O3 CA  Commodore  Mojo Riser        tom@#o.Berkeley.EDU
O4 CA  Lt. Cmdr.  spiderman         netrek@#0.nycap.rr.com
O6 CA  Lt. Cmdr.  guest             puckett at
O8 CA  Commodore  ^ ^ ^             psychos at fusion.blm.net
Of SC  Lt. Cmdr.  peskylilw00bie    jivey at

--- NEW FILE: BecomeDaemon.c ---
 * BecomeDaemon.c
 * shamelessly swiped from xdm source code.
 * Appropriate copyrights kept, and hereby follow
 * ERic mehlhaff, 3/11/92
 * xdm - display manager daemon
 * $XConsortium: daemon.c,v 1.5 89/01/20 10:43:49 jim Exp $
 * Copyright 1988 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 * Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its
 * documentation for any purpose and without fee is hereby granted, provided
 * that the above copyright notice appear in all copies and that both that
 * copyright notice and this permission notice appear in supporting
 * documentation, and that the name of M.I.T. not be used in advertising or
 * publicity pertaining to distribution of the software without specific,
 * written prior permission.  M.I.T. makes no representations about the
 * suitability of this software for any purpose.  It is provided "as is"
 * without express or implied warranty.
 * Author:  Keith Packard, MIT X Consortium

#include <sys/ioctl.h>
#ifdef hpux
#include <sys/ptyio.h>

#include <errno.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <sys/file.h>

#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <sys/termios.h>

extern void exit ();

void BecomeDaemon ()
  register int i;
  int forkresult;

   * fork so that the process goes into the background automatically. Also
   * has a nice side effect of having the child process get inherited by
   * init (pid 1).

  if ( (forkresult = fork ()) ){	/* if parent */
    if(forkresult < 0 ){
      perror("Fork error!");
    exit (0);			/* then no more work to do */

   * Close standard file descriptors and get rid of controlling tty

  close (0); 
  close (1);
  close (2);

   * Set up the standard file descriptors.
  (void) open ("/", O_RDONLY);	/* root inode already in core */
  (void) open ("/tmp/metaout", O_WRONLY | O_APPEND | O_CREAT, 0644);
  (void) dup2 (1, 2);

  if ((i = open ("/dev/tty", O_RDWR)) >= 0) {	/* did open succeed? */
#if defined(SYSV) && defined(TIOCTTY)
    int zero = 0;
    (void) ioctl (i, TIOCTTY, &zero);
    (void) ioctl (i, TIOCNOTTY, (char *) 0);    /* detach, BSD style */
    (void) close (i);

#ifdef SYSV
#ifdef hpux
  setpgrp (0, 0);
  setpgrp (0, getpid());