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Added 5 new message sounds (can be used with beeplite, or you can just choose your favorite and save it over your default message sound file, which is nt_message.wav)
Added enter ship sound to when you refit

Index: NetrekXP to do list.C
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--- NetrekXP to do list.C	9 Jun 2006 02:14:08 -0000	1.49
+++ NetrekXP to do list.C	11 Jun 2006 09:36:25 -0000	1.50
@@ -65,8 +65,6 @@
 13) review all scrolling messes up text, if bottom of window is below the visible
 bottom border of netrek window.  Actually will happen to whatever window is mapped 
 down there at bottom of screen
-14) fix the 2 message sounds that don't convert right to 22 KHz
-15) sounds for beamup/down and refit
 Stas's list:
 - color coded playerlist.

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diff -u -d -r1.25 -r1.26
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