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Fix to username/password string length.
Added lib file to debug build (only had added it to release build before).
Added some new server problems that I discovered.

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 				AdditionalOptions="/mapinfo:lines /mapinfo:exports&#x0D;&#x0A;"
-				AdditionalDependencies="libcmt.lib wsock32.lib winmm.lib mpr.lib msvcrt.lib libgmp.lib SDL.lib SDLmain.lib SDL_mixer.lib"
+				AdditionalDependencies="libcmt.lib wsock32.lib winmm.lib mpr.lib msvcrt.lib msimg32.lib libgmp.lib SDL.lib SDLmain.lib SDL_mixer.lib"

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@@ -13,6 +13,9 @@
 5) look into swar/war in repair time, with obs and plr - doesn't seem to be any way
 for an obs to know what the war decs are of the person he is observing. Best solution
 is to just have server send repair time and planet orbit info.
+6) admin commands aren't set to executable by default, and the system call doesn't
+seem to work (might be executing in wrong directory)?
+7) twarping to base docked on base causes the twarp problem
 Things that go wrong when short packets are on:
 1) cloaking/shields at warp 0 doesn't update someone else's tactical on what you did if
@@ -55,7 +58,6 @@
 7a) review all scrolling messes up text, if bottom of window is below the visible
 bottom border of netrek window.  Actually will happen to whatever window is mapped 
 down there at bottom of screen
-9)  text break with ATT
 Stas's list:
 - color coded playerlist.