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	fedshipHR.bmp romshipHR.bmp 
Log Message:
- *.tamu.edu removed from metaserver listing, and direct connect via -h servername
  also removed.  This is due to the policy of blocking all players with the default
  login that comes with the client.
- added new scaling/rotation function that allows us to use higher resolution bitmaps.
  The new bitmap set (made by Defcom) are stored in 80x80 pixel blocks (rather than 20x20
  for all other bitmap sets).  In addition, only 1 bitmap per ship is needed rather than
  32 for each ship position - the rotation is done on the fly by Windows.  To take 
  advantage of the high res bitmap set, Windows 2000 or later is required.  So far
 2 bitmap sets have been completed.

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