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Major features in this patch are:
Merge of Stas' latest source into client.
 - Lots of double buffering code
 - Cleanup of protoyping functions and proper variable initialization
 - Addition of working RSA key generator mkkey.exe (this necessitates another DLL in the source)
 - Updated compile instructions, and a new document on how to make a RSA key
 - Working version of winkey with BCC compiler
 - Bug fixes as per listed in his change log
Cleanup of changes list to remove bug fix/stuff only coders need to know.
Removal of buildexe script - Stas rewrote build to make this obsolete
Addition of HR bitmap set (including a few placeholder bitmaps until art is done)
Metablock patch accepted (not working proper yet though due to retrieving login issue)
Probably a few other things I forgot about!

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RCS file: /cvsroot/netrek/client/netrekxp/resources/docs/changes.txt,v
retrieving revision 1.39
retrieving revision 1.40
diff -u -d -r1.39 -r1.40
--- changes.txt	6 May 2006 06:36:35 -0000	1.39
+++ changes.txt	7 May 2006 16:59:26 -0000	1.40
@@ -1,5 +1,4 @@
 Version TBA:
-- hack to fix poor display on HR ships at angle = 0
 - fixed some playerlist bugs, and increased playerlist window from 21 to 32 lines
 - *.tamu.edu removed from metaserver listing, and direct connect via -h servername
   also removed.  This is due to the policy of blocking all players with the default
@@ -45,13 +44,10 @@
 - add 2 new sounds for enter/exiting transwarp, and observer support for hearing these as
 - replaced red alert sound with one less staticy
-- fixed beeplite observer bug
 - fixed up viewbox so map refreshes properly when toggled
 - fixed LAB dashboard to properly display armies/kills for observers
-- fixed a bunch of compiler warnings
 - change to warning sounds: changed current "warning" sound to the yellow alert sound, and
-  made the red_alert sound file the red alert sound.  Added additional measures to stop
-  playing the alert sound if you go down in alert status
+  made the red_alert sound file the red alert sound.
 - change to plasma_other sounds: uses closest other_plasma for sound location, as there is no
   good way to determine which torp on screen is most recent for sound purposes.
 - change to plasma_hit sounds: nothing special other than stereo effect
@@ -78,24 +74,21 @@
 - added "newSound: (on)/off".  Allows one to choose not to use the new sound system.  Note
   that this option is not settable in game through options menu, only through the .netrekrc
-- added Mix_CloseAudio calls when exiting to clean up memory
-- initial SDL implementation
+- SDL implementation - up to 16 sounds can play at once, with sound volume scaling with
+  the distance of the sound event from your ship
 - continuousMouse and continuousMouseFix now default to on
 - fixed the mono fed sb bitmaps so they rotate more cleanly
 - updated NetrekXP manual (in docs folder), removed old cow manuals.
 - all greyscale and shaded old color starbase bitmaps now rotate.
 - the new color fed starbase bitmaps now rotate.
-- Keeppeace default is now "on".
-- rewrote find bitmap routine in a smarter way (thanks Quozl)
-- fixed bccnetrek.rc to have proper header so icon works
+- keeppeace default is now "on".
 - tidied up the save_options function, fixing some spacing errors, and putting the
   keymap/buttonmap on the top of the list due to its importance.  Also added the
   sounddir option.
-- fixed mainResizeable loading from rc/saving.  Also made default setting = on.
+- fixed mainResizeable loading/saving from netrekrc.  Also made default setting = on.
 - rewrote TTS centering/refresh code so that text is properly centered and clears
   properly when the message expires.  Updated manual to reflect change of tts_pos
   variable to tts_ypos.
-- fixed crash bug in save options due to renaming of .sav file from xtrekrc to netrekrc.
 - readded beeplite functionality.  Configuration options described in cow manual.
   Basic rc options are useLite: on/off to turn beeplite on and off, and defLite: on/off
   to use the default settings.  The beeplite option is highly configurable, see manual
@@ -112,7 +105,6 @@
 - phasering plasma now has less of an effect on phaser average damage statistics, it
   is counted as your average damage hit, rather than the previous way of counting it
   as a 38 point phaser hit.
-- fixed bug with phaser messages going blank due to improper buffering
 - added "dynamicBitmap: (on)/off".  Enables dynamic bitmap switching from the options
 - renumbered the ship bitmap sets for the colorClient option.  Choices are 0=mono,
@@ -125,8 +117,6 @@
 - added some more hints to the hint database
 - fixed hint messages so they properly loop
 - added Maximize button to title bar
-- added buildexe script for compiling solely the source code and not the bitmaps
-- disabled RSA mkkey check (-nt) until I get a valid one
 Version (changes by stas, added 18-Apr-2006 )
 - added "allowWheelActions: (on)/off" to be able to disable wheel in non-scrolling windows
@@ -138,7 +128,10 @@
   message window using scrollbar (which forced him close client window and reconnect)
 - fixed incorrect behavior of 'windowMove: off' feature. Previously window would snap
   back to wrong place if the main window top-left corner was not (0,0) coordinates
-- long lines are now wrapped by words instead of by chars. Maximum message length was
+- fixed old conditional macro bug when having first part false would produce '0' as output instead
+  of nothing
+- fixed couple of scrolling bugs when main window wasn't at (0,0) coordinates
+- long lines are now wrapped by words instead of by chars. maximum message length was
   reduced to 4 full message lines (4 * 69 characters)
 - message input window will now show Sender->Recipient even when the input line is longer
   than 69 characters