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Rewrote doublebuffering to make it an rc option and not a #define - removes a lot of extra work in terms
of needing twice as many write bitmap functions (client had one for regular draw, and one for DB)
Added observer support to show repair/declare war flags on dashboard.  Observers can also
 now change lock if they are observing a transwarper (server side fix, but good to know).
Changed alert borders so they always redraw instead of on an alert change - was causing lots
of problems with bitmaps at edge of screen, as well as with double buffering
Readded the ability to see tractor/pressors if they go off screen (such as in the case of 
ATT tractors). 
Added "doubleBuffering: (on)/off" to control whether to draw with double buffering (it's
 recommended you do so if using the new planet and ship bitmaps).  Can be changed in game
 through the options menu.
Fixed the -c (report players on server) option so it doesn't crash the client
Readded the ability to autologin by using -C name -A password.  No more extra typing :).
Fixed a whole bunch of startup options (-C, -A, -h, -g, etc) that were crashing client if
not entered properly.  Also made it so it prints out option list on a misused option.
Bunch of other write bitmap function optimizations

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--- NetrekXP to do list.C	20 May 2006 17:09:39 -0000	1.26
+++ NetrekXP to do list.C	21 May 2006 09:56:38 -0000	1.27
@@ -1,5 +1,4 @@
 List for the netrekrc/installer:
 1) Change recommendation on metaserver from off to on!
 2) there should be some sort of chance to give default resolution in GUI,
 which then maps windows accordingly.
@@ -7,7 +6,6 @@
 4) Add chance for player to input their default login name - tired of seeing
 Things not gonna happen, or server problems:
 1) Player list messaging doesn't work if you can't see player (cloaked, too far
 away, etc).  Don't think this is fixable.
@@ -46,16 +44,10 @@
 8) BUG : Lock on someone as obs, then delock (or whey they die), screen doesn't go blank it
 stays in same drawn state.  Only when short packets off and doublebuffering on.
 9) Use nebula pic
-10) fix clock - rewrite overlaybitmap calls to use SRCAND
-10a) rewrite all scalebitmap functions to use angle not p_dir
-10b) rewrite all doublebuffering so it's rc option - eliminate all these double
-11) clean up code with resource drawing for overlay and refresh purposes
-11a) get new bitmaps for resources
-13) changing teams doesn't set delay to 0 for declare war , as it should (server fix pending)
-14) Bug with waraction..was being called even when clicking on border (broke function)
+10) get new bitmaps for resources - implement them with reasonable borders
+11) Bug with waraction..was being called even when clicking on border (broke function)
 ..I added a default return to switch statement, but the underlying bug still remains.
-15a) look into swar/war in repair time, with obs and plr - doesn't seem to be any way
+12) look into swar/war in repair time, with obs and plr - doesn't seem to be any way
 for an obs to know what the war decs are of the person he is observing
 Stas's list:

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