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Team select screen no longer uses 99% cpu power (credit to Gregory Hermann for the solution)
Planet kill messages now show armies dooshed (if any), thanks to server short packet change.

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 an observer can lock onto a cloaked teammate from the player list.
 macros can be sent using players from the player list as the target. Some default distresses can be sent this way too.
 you can change the dashboard clock to a timer through the Visuals Menu. The \ key is default for reseting the timer.
-short packets reduce the amount of information your client receives.  Unless you are playing on a terrible net connection, leave short packets off!
+using short packets saves bandwidth, and allows more user customization of the messages you receive.  See the section on RCMs in the manual.
 when you are low on planets, you should let the more experienced players pick the armies. Those should not be wasted.
 when you are in doubt, you should ask a Commodore, Rear Adm. or Admiral for advice.
 when your team has lots of armies, you should not be afraid to pick them. They'll get bombed anyway.

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 Version TBA:
+- team select screen no longer uses 99% cpu power
+- planet kill messages now show armies dooshed (if any)
 - fixed colorful phasers to work as intended (cycle through 4 colors and then your team color).
   This feature hasn't worked right since netrek moved to 10 updates/sec.
 - added a better default netrekrc file (my personal file), which has a better keymap, window