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Fixed issue with borders not redrawing with extraalertborders off and doublebuffering on - since borders drawn at the login window aren't transfered to the game window with doublebuffering mode on, instead we will redraw the noncolored local
and map borders at the same time we execute the extraalertborder checks.
Fixed hard to find bug with extra alert borders being drawn 1 pixel too short on local window (was from setting graphics mode to GM_ADVANCED for SetWorldTransform and not changing back to GM_COMPATIBLE afterwards).
Tidied up WriteScaleBitmap and OverlayScaleBitmap to only go through the angular rigamole if the angle is nonzero (saves cpu power for drawing planets and such that don't need rotation).
Gave up on trying to figure out border conditions with rotated scale bitmaps, instead they will sometimes overwrite alert border but this gets refreshed pretty often anyways.  Something to fix in the future.  Redrawing border every screen refresh too cpu intensive unfortunately to be practical.
Fixed some tab/spacing issues in one of the mswindow functions.

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 Speed keys(1-8) to change the speed of the recording.
 Speed 9, or #, or !, or @, or % for maximum playback speed.
 Speed 0 (0) for pause.
-The key ‘<’ doubles playback speed.
-The key ‘>’ halves playback speed.
-The key ‘R’ starts recording back at the beginning.
+The key < doubles playback speed.
+The key > halves playback speed.
+The key R starts recording back at the beginning.
-The key '(' to reverse recording.
-The key ')' to return to normal play.
+The key ( reverses the recording.
+The key ) returns to normal play.
 Quit (q/Q) to quit