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Best guess solution to deal with observers and observees orbitting a repair planet.
Reimplemented select() on login screen, but put it in combination with sleep().  This reduces CPU usage and keeps the desirable things about using select, such as constant updated player list.
Minor fix to observer draw logic in local.c
Fix to volume setting check so it doesn't get called every time a sound is played (using old sound).
Removed some completed/fixed bugs from Stas's todo list.

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--- NetrekXP to do list.C	29 May 2006 00:18:09 -0000	1.41
+++ NetrekXP to do list.C	29 May 2006 23:59:53 -0000	1.42
@@ -13,7 +13,8 @@
 4) ATT not listed as valid ship even if it's in sysdef.
 5) in orbit.c, pftranswarp strangeness.
 6) look into swar/war in repair time, with obs and plr - doesn't seem to be any way
-for an obs to know what the war decs are of the person he is observing
+for an obs to know what the war decs are of the person he is observing. Best solution
+is to just have server send repair time and planet orbit info.
 Things that go wrong when short packets are on:
 1) cloaking/shields at warp 0 doesn't update someone else's tactical on what you did if
@@ -23,7 +24,6 @@
 When obs quits, their state is K_WINNER ..and they see the new geno bitmap.
 3) The new smooth turning only working on self, not obs or others - short packets only
 send headings of 16 positions.
-4) Observers get wrong x,y pos upon observee death.
 Things that are sorta fixed, but could use improvement:
 1) rewrite placement/refresh of new resource bitmaps to work better with a scaled tactical
@@ -47,13 +47,12 @@
 8) Is there a cpu leak with double buffering?
 9) Use masking for things like player team/letter display on galactic.  Ship draw on tactical
 (have it overwrite the planet/wrench/gas/army for example, not just combine colors).
-10) Ask stas about addfontresource change in - causing problems with win 98 machines.
+10) Addfontresource change in - causing problems with win 98 machines.
 11) Get square planet bitmaps from defcom so I can turn them into mapped rotating globes.
 Stas's list:
 - color coded playerlist.
-- check inl server for behavior
-+ add option to parse netrekrc.txt and xtrekrc.txt files
+- check inl server for behavior (observers and tractor/pressor packets)
 ! server: ita won't block RCDs (why not ?)
 - add usage on metaserver window (well, what would you write there ?)
 ! after res if there cloaker around he will be seen briefly (speed 0 bug)
@@ -65,10 +64,8 @@
 - add msg.phaser to enable formatting of phaser messages
 - add copy/paste possibility from message windows (richtext ?)
 - add clickable urls from message windows (richtext ?)
-+ fix bug with undefined behavior in case of odd keymap/buttonmap/ckeymap length (partially fixed)
 - add "mKeyOnlyToStartMessages: on/off" to ignore keys [0-9][a-z][ATFOKRG] in message window when the messageon=0
 - scrollable player list
 - parse Announcer messages in hockey games
 - resize documentation window
 - pasting multiline prints \r\n instead of splitting lines
-- fix makedistress bug that creates 0 instead of empty string when macro starts with conditional

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