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	README for Win95, Win98, and WinME.TXT 
Log Message:
Reverted to old font resource calls due to it breaking client on Win98 and earlier.
Slight fixes to refresh zones for new planet bitmaps.
Compile fix for BCC (doesn't like header files defined halfway through a file).
New README file for Win 95/98/ME users, explaining what options not to use
as they won't work right.

--- NEW FILE: README for Win95, Win98, and WinME.TXT ---
The following options will NOT work with Windows 95/98/ME.  In fact, they are very
likely to crash the client, so do not use them.

newClock: on
colorClient: 4
planetBitmap: 3
planetBitmapGalaxy: 3

So in conclusion, don't have any of those above options in your netrekrc, and the client 
should work fine!  Also, I would recommend not switching between ship or planet bitmaps
in game via options menu, as it may also break your client.  Just choose a bitmap set
you like and stick with it.