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Heading tic default to off for the places I missed (whoops).
Changed to format of sendShortReq, now passes a 2nd argument which
tells whether to display the warning message confirming the packet
request was sent.
More bug fixes for phasers and checking against out of bounds.
Added a quiet request for small update if you are alive, but out of galactic
bounds.  At high packet loss, it's not uncommon to lose your ship position
packet upon reentry into game.  And since your position is not resent
until you move, it was causing draw problems (in fact local window wasn't
redrawing at all because client thought you were out of bounds).  This
will probably mitigate problems with alert borders not updating on death and
stray weapons on map, more testing needed however.

Index: generalconfig.html
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--- generalconfig.html	25 Mar 2007 23:44:37 -0000	1.43
+++ generalconfig.html	1 Apr 2007 10:11:36 -0000	1.44
@@ -336,8 +336,8 @@
 <td>Draw a tic mark indicating your ship's direction</td>
-	<li><b>on (default)</b></li>
-	<li><b>off</b></li>
+	<li><b>on</b></li>
+	<li><b>off (default)</b></li>