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Support for F_check_planets feature packet, which includes new struct
planet_cpacket which cross-checks with server to make sure all planet
info is correct.  Updated 10 times/sec for planet being orbitted, and
every 5 seconds for the other "touched" planets.  Reduces need for
small update to refresh planets, and minimizes the effect of lost
planet packets on gameplay.

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 Netrek XP 2006, Version 1.3:
+- added support for CHECK_PLANETS feature packet, this is a nice packet that checks
+  with the server to make sure your planet info is up to date, so no more phantom
+  armies on a planet or delay on bombing a planet flat because you lost a planet
+  packet.  Also no more wondering if you missed a planet packet while dropping.
+  if planet army count doesn't go down.  This cross-check with server occurs 10 times/
+  second for a planet you are orbitting (critical) and every 5 seconds for all the
+  planets your team has info on (non-critical).
 - if weaponsOnMap option is on, internal timer to determine when it's safe to expire
   weapons is moved to map draw routine.  Fixes problem where observers who are not
   locked onto anyone but still getting weapons drawn on map would have problems