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This patch adds the ability to resize local/map windows on the fly, and
fixes some of the problems that came up while doing this.
Added code to WM_EXITSIZEMOVE case in main windows proc, that
handles changing TWINSIDE/GWINSIDE, reinitializing things that need
it (such as SDB and star array), and changing critical window sizes that
need to be redone (team select windows, quit window - both based on 
Netrekrc option mainResizeable now allows local/map to be resized too,
giving these windows a WS_THICKFRAME border.
Variable redrawall and struct stars are now globally defined.
New defines to limit # of star sectors and # of stars in a sector.
Fixed a bunch of places where view was statically defined, as TWINSIDE
can now change during gameplay.
Fixed a few places where rounding errors were occuring due to
Moved initialization of mainResizeable and mainTitleBar into defaults.c
as defaults are now called before windows initialization.
Fixed a few mistakes in the free resources routine for SDB.

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 Netrek XP 2006, Version 1.3:
+- the mainResizeable netrekrc option now allows map/local to be resizeable via dragging
+  the window border, local/map will now adjust viewable area to match the new window
+  size.  Some windows (team select, quit) will resize properly to match new local size,
+  others (position of options menu, dashboard, etc.) will not move.  Interesting sidenote:
+  resizing local window will reinitialize background star positions.
 - fixed a bug with RCM kill messages when kills were higher than 255 but less than 320
 - added new function keys, control-z and control-a, for zooming.  Control-z zooms in,
   and control-a zooms out.  As part of the benefit of having all graphics scale, ALL ship