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Made showArmy default from 1 to 3 (show army count on all planets
if feature enabled).
Changed how phaser miss cases are handled - if server sends us the
end coordinate (as it now does for sturgeon servers), draw misses
based on that end coordinate.  Fixes problems where upgraded ships
were drawing wrong phaser length on a phaser miss.
Remove resizable border from richtext window, as it added bulk and
cut down text viewable area.  Still can't figure out how to get the
richtext windows to move, sadly.
Fixed bug with login name capture via options menu.
Changed default soundVolume setting if changed by user, so it
saves properly.

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retrieving revision 1.60
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--- netrekrc	10 Apr 2007 00:44:02 -0000	1.59
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@@ -348,7 +348,7 @@
 # 1 - show army counts on local map only (default)
 # 2 - show army counts on galactic map only
 # 3 - show army counts on both maps
-showArmy: 1
+showArmy: 3
 # Show other cloakers on local
 # Server god decides whether to enable this feature

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+++ changes.txt	10 Apr 2007 05:43:44 -0000	1.167
@@ -1,9 +1,11 @@
 Netrek XP 2006, Version 1.3:
+- can now change login name via options menu, saved via in-game save key
 - preference for showing main title bar (toggled via alt+enter) is now saved via
   in-game save key
 - Window placements and sizes to save with the in-game save key.  In the special case
   of local and map windows, if you set the windows to non-square, and save them, they
   will save as squares (those windows really don't work right if they aren't square).
+  In the case of the main window, it won't save placement, for now (complicated to do).
   All other windows will obey size and placements you give them.  Hopefully this takes
   some of the pain out of setting up windows (you should be able to do it without
   having to edit netrekrc hopefully).