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Make richtext windows moveable by faking a caption hit on main
window during left click action.  Apparently nothing can be captured
by clicking on window border, I think it's cause click actions go to the 
default windows proc.
If window is created with WS_THICKBORDER, then it allows
border action to resize it.  But then window border is too big, message
windows need as small border as possible.

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 Netrek XP 2006, Version 1.3:
+- richtext message windows are now moveable, it works a little different than moving other
+  windows.  Instead of clicking on border, you click on body of window, hold down mouse,
+  and move window.
+- phaser misses on sturgeon servers now show proper phaser length
 - can now change login name via options menu, saved via in-game save key
 - preference for showing main title bar (toggled via alt+enter) is now saved via
   in-game save key