Update of /cvsroot/netrek/client/netrekxp/win32
In directory sc8-pr-cvs16:/tmp/cvs-serv22272/win32

Modified Files:
Log Message:
Yanked RACE_COLOR define, this is standard now.
Moved color defines to a common area (defs.h).
Added new color to colortable for God messages (default is white).
Added all color settings to netrekrc, and added them to the in game
save function.  The settings in netrekrc are to the "bright" color settings,
as players seem to prefer these.
Bug fix with phaser misses (check to make sure x,y  less than GWIDTH)

Index: config.h
RCS file: /cvsroot/netrek/client/netrekxp/win32/config.h,v
retrieving revision 1.16
retrieving revision 1.17
diff -u -d -r1.16 -r1.17
--- config.h	5 Apr 2007 12:57:22 -0000	1.16
+++ config.h	11 Apr 2007 23:06:37 -0000	1.17
@@ -120,9 +120,6 @@
 /*      RCM                     - Receiver configurable Server messages         */
 #define RCM
-/*      RACE_COLORS             - additional bitplane for race colors           */
-#define RACE_COLORS
 #define PLIST1 
 #define PLIST 
 #define CONTROL_KEY