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Yanked RACE_COLOR define, this is standard now.
Moved color defines to a common area (defs.h).
Added new color to colortable for God messages (default is white).
Added all color settings to netrekrc, and added them to the in game
save function.  The settings in netrekrc are to the "bright" color settings,
as players seem to prefer these.
Bug fix with phaser misses (check to make sure x,y  less than GWIDTH)

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 msg.ghostbust: GOD->ALL %i (%S) (%T%c) was kill %k for the GhostBusters
+# Color settings
+color.white: white
+color.black: black
+color.red: red
+color.green: green
+color.yellow: yellow
+color.cyan: cyan
+color.light grey: gray63
+color.God: white
+color.Rom: red
+color.Kli: green
+color.Fed: yellow
+color.Ori: cyan
+color.Ind: gray63
 # Esoteric features such as individual ship rcfiles/keymaps
 # /ckeymaps/buttonmaps (i.e. keymap-ca: <keymap>) and observer
 # /servertype options (i.e. keymap.bronco: <keymap>)

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@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@
 ckeymap-<ship>:           (string) use this ckeymap for ship (sc,dd,ca,bb,as,sb,ga,att)
 cloakChars:               (two chars) how to display cloaker on galactic
 clickDelay:               (0-50) delay before continuous mouse clicks, in updates (0 = no delay)
+color.God:                (color) replace God message color with (color)
 color.<color>:            (color) replace first <color> with (color)
 color.<race>:             (color) replace that race color with (color)
 colorClient:              (0-3) what type of ship bitmaps to use

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@@ -1,4 +1,6 @@
 Netrek XP 2006, Version 1.3:
+- color settings now save and are now all listed in netrekrc
+- added netrekrc option "color.God: <color>" to alter color of God messages
 - resizing the local and map windows now only lets you size them as squares
 - richtext message windows are now resizeable, it works a little different than sizing
   other windows.  First you left click on the window once to activate the sizing border,
@@ -16,8 +18,7 @@
 - preference for showing main title bar (toggled via alt+enter) is now saved via
   in-game save key
 - Window placements and sizes to save with the in-game save key.  In the special case
-  of local and map windows, if you set the windows to non-square, and save them, they
-  will save as squares (those windows really don't work right if they aren't square).
+  of local and map windows, they will always be square.
   In the case of the main window, it won't save placement, for now (complicated to do).
   All other windows will obey size and placements you give them.  Hopefully this takes
   some of the pain out of setting up windows (you should be able to do it without