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Fixed richtext windows to allow scrollback to read message history, and
at the same time ensure windows never get "stuck" in unscrolled position
Updated hints on new resize procedure.
Cleared todo list of richtext issues, all known issues have been solved.

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 the red circle you may see flash around your ship when detting is the range at which you can detonate enemy torpedoes, you can turn this circle off through the ship menu.
 you can use Alt+Enter to toggle the main title bar on and off.
 you can use Ctrl+a and Ctrl+z to zoom in/out the tactical window.
-you can resize your tactical and map windows via the netrekrc.
+you can resize your tactical, map and message windows by right clicking on the border to turn on the sizing box.  Right click window a second time to deactivate sizing border.
 you can send messages from the player list window. Left click for individual messages, middle mouse button click for all board messages, and right click for team messages.
 you can remap keys by pointing at the key in the help window and pushing the key you want that option to be.
 you can open the NetrekXP help program with the F1 key.

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 Netrek XP 2006, Version 1.3:
+- changed how message scrolling works in richtext windows.  If the mouse is over a
+  message window AND message position isn't already at the bottom of the window,
+  it will not scroll upon receiving a new message, as it is likely you are scrolling
+  back to read old messages.  If mouse is not in a window that receives a message,
+  that window will scroll to the bottom, solving the problem of sometimes accidentally
+  not resetting window scrollback to bottom and the failing to see new messages as
+  they come in.
 - changed how sizing border works on windows (local, map, message windows), they now
   all follow the same procedure.  Right click on window border to activate sizing border,
   and right click again to deactivate sizing border.  Remember, mainResizeable needs to